Friday, October 12, 2012

Ecuadorian style

(hat, METIER; striped flats, zara; scarf, YSL; jeans, Gap; red blazer, vintage; yellow sweater, vintage; Quito sunset)

Yellow, blue and red outfit inspired on the Ecuadorian flag. Everyone is wearing their yellow t-shirts out today as Ecuador is playing a football match against Chile here in Quito. The fever is apparently contagious and I have been touched, but I rather support the national team with my own style. This hat has more of the Ecuadorian spirit than any other thing to me. It was hand-woven by en Ecuadorian artisan, with Ecuadorian natural straw harvested from an Ecuadorian tropical jungle. Its band was hand-embroidered in an Ecuadorian Andean village called Zuleta and I'm an Ecuadorian girl. Go Ecuador!!!


  1. Looks super cool altogether girl. I love how many colours you threw together :)
    And that last picture is awesome!